Who We Are

Residents for an Engaged Community was formed to provide an operational and governing structure to lead and to facilitate an immediate goal of pausing the Midlothian Manor initiative; to represent those in the community who share the same common purpose with urgency, consistency, integrity, and intentional collaboration; all grounded with a solid system of checks and balances.  Residents for an Engaged Community is a Not-For-Profit organization and has board members who each individually lead in the following areas:

  • Fundraising and Volunteer Recruitment Responsible for promoting, raising, and collecting funds as well as for recruiting and managing volunteers groups.
  • Financial Oversight and Management Responsible for the integrity of funds including fund reconciliation and utilization.
  • Legal Liaison and Government Affairs Responsible for managing the relationship of legal counsel and facilitating legal decisions amongst the executive committee.
  • Communication and PR Responsible for keeping the community connected to our progress by developing and distributing communication through a variety of vehicles and resources.
  • Administration Chair Responsible for the management of data, information, and resources to ensure work stays on track and is documented with integrity, thoroughness, and timeliness.

The individuals who make up Residents for an Engaged Community are all good intended people who strive to make a positive difference.  Individually they all believe in PAD’s cause, purpose, and mission.  They believe that all people, regardless of circumstances, disability, and condition deserve care, food and shelter; this is not debatable.   As a result of these collective individuals’ beliefs and core values, Residents for an Engaged Community unequivocally stands for the same. 

Residents for an Engaged Community also believes that residents in a residentially zoned area deserve the right to information and due process on trial-based programs that could create new demands to an existing infrastructure.  When zoning and use categories do not align there are by design limitations to what an area has to offer to its residents in the form of transportation, sidewalks, first responders, and public safety. 

It is this misalignment and little to no information shared by any of the accountable Lake County and Safe Haven officials that prompted the diligent efforts to pause the initiative.  The pause being sought is intended to ensure our voices are collectively heard; to be involved in the planning and implementation of a solution where the overall well-being of local families, businesses, and the new proposed residents of Midlothian Manor are considered, cared for, and aligned.