Lake County Housing Authority (LCHA) Plans to Relocate 14 Chronically Homeless With Severe Mental Illness From Their Current Home In North Chicago to Midlothian Manor, a Residentially-Zoned Facility Located in Unincorporated Lake Zurich.

In early 2015, several Lake Zurich residents formed Residents for an Engaged Community (REC) to ensure that the proposed use of the Midlothian Manor site was consistent with zoning laws. REC feels strongly that the use is not in alignment with zoning laws and that it would place a great burden on the residential community’s infrastructure; and fail to serve the very needs of the proposed residents themselves.

After a two-year legal journey, REC continues to stand firm that the proposed “use” is an abuse of power by the county by bypassing zoning law, agency and public processes that put both the occupants of the building and the surrounding residents at risk. The facility also violates multiple building codes such as fire and plumbing, resulting in additional health and safety risks.

Additional funding is necessary to see this through the appellate process. Please donate to support this cause.


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